SOHO Middle East

Middle East

  • SOHO Middle East was incorporated in 2018 as the retail arm of Marya Group
  • SOHO operates businesses in different sectors across the UAE. It’s main focus is in hospitality, luxury retail and beauty
  • In 2018,  SOHO introduced IRO, a premium fashion brand in Paris, to UAE and Lebanon. With stores located in the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Downtown Beirut
  • IRO is also available in Bloomingdale’s store and ABC Lebanon. It is also available on reputable online fashion e-commerce such as Namshi, Ounass, Bloomingdale's. It also has its own website
  • SOHO expanded its luxury portfolio with a cool brand Amiri this year, store located in Mall of the Emirates
  • AMIRI is a modern luxury brand that incorporates elements of California lifestyle and American Rock n' Roll established in 2014 by Mike Amiri
  • Opening soon is the hottest new restaurant that has been strategically developed to cater to the cosmopolitan demographic of the UAE